Chef Cyndie specializes in quantity food production and food safety training for the foodservice professional. The following programs are currently available:

Chef Cyndie’s Nutrition Kitchen: Take back the Knife
This 2 – 2 ½ hour live demonstration is designed to get managers and food assistants excited about serving fresh fruits and vegetables in the school meals program. Valuable information on why we should increase fruits and vegetables in our diet, purchasing, storing and handling of fresh and canned fruits and vegetables is included. Seminar focuses on proper knife skills, food safety, improved slicing and dicing methods as well as other tricks of the trade in fabricating fresh produce. Don’t miss this workshop providing interesting tidbits about fresh fruits and vegetables, and exciting ways to entice your customers to choose healthier menu items.

State of the Plate

Chef Cyndie presents a humorous 2 hour PowerPoint presentation on what Americans are eating today. Information regarding how foods are marketed to children and adults, tips on how to make healthier purchases at the supermarket, and how to evaluate the nutritional content of foods are presented.

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Meeting the Food Safety Challenge

This 1- 3 hour presentation focuses on food safety basics, including why food safety is important in child nutrition programs, changes in the 2009 FDA Food Code, recent foodborne illness statistics, what are TCS (Time/Temperature Controlled for Safety) Foods, and how staff can work to prevent foodborne illness outbreaks. In addition, basic principles of HACCP will be presented, as well as various food safety standard operating procedures for schools, including personal hygiene, preventing cross-contamination, and use of thermometers.

Chef Cyndie provides one and two day ServSafe® training developed by the National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation. Call Chef Cyndie for more information.

For Florida school districts only: Chef Cyndie provides SafeStaff® Foodhandler Certificate Program training. Call Chef Cyndie for more


Cooking with Chef Cyndie
Chef Cyndie provides hands-on culinary workshops for a maximum of 30 participants. Stop watching the Food Network and GET IN THE KITCHEN with Chef Cyndie. In Chef Cyndie's culinary kitchen, your staff will learn how to prepare fresh fruits and vegetables, sandwiches, wraps, salads, specialty entrees and more! Culinary training will provide your staff with basic culinary techniques, knife skills, work simplification tips, proper food safety procedures, and quantity food merchandizing ideas to improve your school meals program.

Single and/or multi-day workshops available. (Multi-day discount applied)


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