K-12 Culinary Institute

Two-Day Course

chef teaches a culinary course in school kitchen

Fundamental Skills and Nuts & Bolts

This two-day, teach the leader class is designed with your school nutrition management team in mind – Fundamental Skills and Nuts & Bolts.

Day One, participants learn basic culinary skills including knife skills, blanching, steaming, and roasting vegetables, weight versus measure, and more.

Day Two focuses on how to get the job done through work schedules based on time standards, kitchen hacks, batch cooking, and mise en place strategies.

There are four cook times throughout the course. Each participant receives a chef’s hat and apron. Culinary Solutions will provide grocery and supply order. Course materials are included in this workshop.

Instructors: Lead chef instructor and assistant chef instructor

Requirements: Host provides all lab supplies and small equipment and AV equipment. Culinary Solutions will provide the visual projector. Kitchen with a space for 6 cook teams and classroom/cafeteria setting with table and chairs for up to 30 participants.

Maximum 30 participants