Recipe Engineering

culinary measuring and kitchen tools


Update School Meal Programs for Consistency

Have you noticed big inconsistencies in food quality and taste from school to school?

Do your recipes list ingredients, but instructions are limited?

The K-12 chef team can work on-site with your staff or remotely to update and/or standardize your quantity recipes.

Services include:

  • Quantity food production recipes provided in Microsoft Word using USDA format 
  • Recipes to include the following: 
    • Standardized yield – to the pack or to the pan, where possible 
    • Meal contribution 
    • Serving size
    • Ingredients in order used or descending quantities if used at the same time 
    • Pre-preparation, preparation and cooking instructions 
    • Equipment or tools necessary 
    • Equipment temperature/setting 
    • Food safety instructions/HACCP process 
    • Suggested serving temperature 
    • Portion size and serving utensil required to meet meal contribution 
    • Work simplification methods 
  • Productivity standard recommendations (due to time to complete, task available in on-site consultations only) 
  • Nutritional analysis 
  • Professional photography