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How Our Clients Have Benefited

  • Thank you so much K-12 Team for traveling to all of these NC workshops to provide such fun, awesome trainings.
    Onslow County School Nutrition
  • I wish had a video set up to record our associates when they stopped by the office after attending the K-12 Culinary. You could have made a commercial out of it. They arrived with granola in hand, stories about what they shared with families and friends, what they learned, what they were going to use in their schools for the upcoming year, and questions for us about how they could support with moving our program forward. Seriously great stuff. It just continues to impress me the impact the Culinary Institute has on our associates.
    Chapel Hill-Carboro School District
  • Heather Plain
    It was so rewarding to introduce your recommendations at my manager’s meeting, and to know it would help reduce the chaos was the cherry on top! My staff literally cheered!
    Heather Plain
    Bonneville Joint School District No. 93
  • Zainab Rida
    Thank you so very much for coming and presenting to the Nebraska school nutrition staff at our state culinary workshops. They loved you and want you back!
    Zainab Rida
    Nebraska Department of Education

We Get It

We understand what it’s like to work hard.

You want to showcase your program and be recognized .

Our Team

We believe every school nutrition program should have skilled and confident staff.

Unfortunately, many school nutrition professionals often feel isolated and lack support. Appreciation from others can be hit or miss.

But school nutrition professionals are an essential part of every school district and should be respected for their service to the students and community.

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Step 2
We Help You Solve It
With a clear plan in place, the K-12 Culinary Team educates your staff to be knowledgeable and feel confident in their skills.
Step 3
Your Program Runs Smoothly With Skilled, Confident Staff
Clients who work with the K-12 Culinary Team experience increased efficiency, improved productivity, and better student participation.

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