SFSPac® & The K-12 Culinary Team

SFSPac® has partnered with Chef Cyndie and the K-12 Culinary Team to bring our customers the best in HACCP and Food Safety Solutions. The K-12 Culinary Team are the leading experts in Food Safety with extensive experience in nutrition, culinary arts and food service operations.

 Working with SFSPac® and the K-12 Culinary team helps ensure your HACCP plan is a living document with periodic

review to help you keep up with changing menus, district expansion and evolving operations and regulations.

Together we have put together the most comprehensive HACCP and Food Safety program including:

The result is a compliant HACCP plan customized to your district’s needs. 

Meet Chef Cyndie and the K-12 Culinary Team and learn more about SFSPac® HACCP Solutions. Call 800-289-7725 or email info@sfspac.com.